Friday, December 30, 2016


At a meeting on 20-12-16, the CGDA representative stated that as per the records received from CPPCs of various Banks, there is a total of 109000 living IAF pensioners out of which 48245 are of pre-2006 vintage. These figures were contested by the AFA because as per our knowledge the IAF pensioners are close to 2.2 Lakhs with 1.6 lakhs belonging to the pre-2006 vintage.

The Secretary Pensions, who was chairing this meeting, then advised CGDA to reconcile the correct figures of the IAF pensioners by comparing the records as held with the DAV and the CPPCs.

Corrigendum PPOs:-

The CDA should have issued 2368 Corrigendum PPOs by the 31st December 2016 and additionally, should also have resolved the discrepancies in the records of 15000 other IAF pensioners. The last date of resolving the discrepancies was set as 28 Feb 17.

The CGDA was also advised to share the details of 45877 IAF pensioners in respect of whom it has issued the corrigendum PPOs.

The Corrigendum PPOs are necessitated because of changes in Pension entitlement following the pay commissions upto 2006 and now in 2016. Other changes were brought in on 01/07/2009 and 24/09/2014. Further, changes in the Pensions were also brought about by granting the OROP on 01/07/2014. Thus almost everyone needs to know their correct entitlement factoring in all these changes.

The DAV was, thereafter, advised to liaise with the CDAs to ensure that each IAF pensioner receives his corrigendum PPO wherein these changes are duly reflected.

People who had sent their requests to the AFA for getting corrigendum PPOs are hereby intimated that their cases have been forwarded to the JCDA(AF) and the DAV.

Kindly check your own PPOs and if all these changes are not reflected in your PPO then please send an email directly to the DAV giving complete particulars with latest address and mobile number, the Bank account details and the personal details about the spouse and his/her date of birth and request the DAV to get your corrigendum PPO issued by the JCDA(AF) and forward it to your address once received by them.



  1. There is a young air force offr's widow in our colony getting family pension.She has Not been given increases due to OROP & 7CPC as the qualifying service(12 yrs ) of her late husband is not endorsed in the PPO.She has written to JCDA (AF) for a corr PPO as required by the bank CPPC.Can someone help her?

  2. I wanted to know postal address of Directorate of Air Veterans or email address.So that I can take up Corr. PPO. I have retired from IAF 28 Feb 2003.My name is Hony. Fg. Offr Arun Kumar Dutta. Thanks

  3. How to get Core PPO and where to apply?

  4. Where to apply and whom to contact kindly mail it to banerjee54