Saturday, May 28, 2016

Directorate of Air Veterans (DAV)

Public Info Notice
As received

HQ SWAC has intimated that the DAV has recently re-launched its website, "" to resolve pension related queries/ grievances  and timely finalisation of NE benefits.

All Air Veterans are requested to log in to this website and update their personal information like Mob No, residential address and e-mail address.

If you are not able to access the website then please send an e-mail to <> cc <>.


CK Sharma



  1. The given website not working. Ok. Why should we send emails. Applause to them such a pack to their pride they instal here. I am not interested in bank account, nor interested in adhar card because i can not run, even voterid I don't have because not interested, if do they need my casting let them come to me and give voters I'd. I am interested interested in my entitled pension, my quota from csd.I SERVED IN FORCE, DO I NEED MY PENSION

  2. Dte of Air Vet. do not entertain any mail as experience by me. I since long unable to access the site as they could not recognize my service number, I have sent e-mail to above ID but did not get response. Can anybody tell me if there is some other revised service number for ex-IAF pensioner exists.

  3. i my self feel ashamed to say airwarruior due to treatment of DAV shame on your part

  4. why it need approval are u people ashamed of ur work

  5. In spite of repeated try I am unable to sign-up. It shows either my service no or DOB is wrong. I entered my service no with check suffix and without check suffix and accurate DOB, But both the time it shows the same as mentioned above. I think there is some problem and need to fix the issues.

  6. What is the use to claim that DAV will sort out all air veterans"s problems? DAV IS FOUND TO BE USELESS. THEY NEVER RESPOND TO THE CALLS ON THEIR GIVEN NUMBERS. E-MAILS ARE NOT REPLIED. Neither they solve our problems by co-ordinating. IT IS FOUND TO BE A USELESS DIRECTORATE. IAF CAN CLOSE DOWN THIS DIRECTORATE.

  7. I haven't yet tried the said site,but dear veterans we too would have treated some one at some point of time in life or service shabbily,probably that's the reason for this disenchantment. Regards, x IAF Sgt.1991

  8. Sir, I got prompt reply and prompt service up to July 2017.,After July I am not getting any response from DAV.As if the DAV is shut down.Still it is our office.Atleast we cry in front of DAV.

    Gopal Choudhury

  9. Sir, After trying many times to log in the DAV. It writes "Either username/DOB is wrong." I entered my service no. with & without check suffix and correctly my DOB. So, plz fix the problem because many people, like me,might have come across this problem. As it will be helpful to all air veterans. THANK U.