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This is in continuation to a link which I had sent earlier wherein Gen Malik's speech was given. If you still have the same, pl go through the same and then read the following text. 

It is very obvious that the concerned News Paper had been instructed, by "Certain Community" to play down/dilute the main context so as to safe guard their own back sides!!! 


                              Gen Malik spoke very well in Goa conclave. 

Army definitely is not a career choice for aspiring intelligent youngsters, the way it used to be in fifties, may be in sixties too.One could find offrs then who came from royal families or well known rich land lord families.They married the ladies invariably from similar families. It was a class unto itself. Corporate sector in India was nonexistent and choice of career was restd to army or civ services. The charm of uniform and display of bravado was fascinating in young age. It was distinguished class of offrs and ladies, in fifties and sixties, who were the creme of our society. 

In seventies onward, middle and lower middle class youngsters who were hardworking and looking for better qlty of life and adventure started joining. In the mean time, civ servants and pol ldrs broke the convention and stopped sending their wards to army. 

The hardship and inherent danger was not to their liking. So the "God Fatherly" hand of protection of higher ech of governance withdrew the protection. 

We lost the status of creme- a - la -de - creme of society which then was usurped by IAS/IPS, MPs/MLAs. There were ways to make easy money and money could buy status. 

Why to endanger life and comfort by joining army?  We in army,  tried to maint status of yester years even within the stretched financial  resources for some time, till about late seventies or early eighties. 

It invited jealousies of civ services who now were in posn to harm our interests, bèing in the seat of governance and close to powers that be. We lost the battle of supremacy. 

Onslaught in terms of degradation in successive pay commissions, propping up PMF and police forces, ensuring no say of generals in matters mil in MOD  started. Fine. But somebody should have opposed it and taken steps to remedy the degradation of status of army offrs, which unfortunately never happened. In our context the only person who has access to govt ( PM, RM, President) is COAS.

We have had 29 Chiefs till Gen Rawat. We will discount **** Rawat being new. None of them , repeat none of 28 Chiefs took one single step to remedy our ills. 

Not one chief stood up, Gen Ved Malik incl,  to the govt to state that his offrs and men were unfairly treated and govt must take imdt step or else he would quit ( i am not talking of coup). 

Army Chief is not CEO of corporate and he is not secy of a dept. He is ldr of 15 lacs offrs and men who look up to him to safeguard their interests. He is a big man who stands 12 th in warrant of precedence and can spk to RM, PM, President whenever he wants. There is difference in writing a letter to govt and taking a firm stand on the issues. 

Gentlemen, the fact is that none of our chiefs took a stand for us. Some of them wrote letters to the Govt and thought that they had done their duty to us. We can not blame govt for all our ills. 

Bureaucrats and pol ldrs are clever. They worked out that Chief will not do much except máking customary noises and then went for the kill. Bureaucrats and politicians  mauled us nice and proper. They made us equal to BSF and CRPF. 

You know in no other country a police chief is equal to Lt Gen. You know combined Panjab ( Pb, Har, HP) had one IG police who was equal to Brig. SP was equal to càpt and even today he is addressed as "Police Kaptan". 

Today, Haryana has dozen three star police offrs , some of who don't even have office and telephone. Some DGPs don't have even one dozen men under them.Why this issue of unequal status was not forcefully taken up with govt is not known. Why did we accept 3, 4, 5, 6 pay commissions without anamolies being resolved? There are too many other issues but this space is restd.

We need to look inward. We need to have competent mil ldrs at the top levels of mil heirarchy. We have to have a Chief who can take firm stand for his offrs and men. 

The post is not meant to indicate any disrespect to our former chiefs. They will always be respected.


Tuesday, July 18, 2017


No. 5162/AT-P/Vol-LIX
Dated: 13.07.2017
Subject: Revision of pension of pre-2016 pensioners / family pensioners in implementation of Government’s decision on the recommendations of the 7th Central Pay Commission Concordance tables- regarding
Attention is invited to Deptt. Of P86PW F.No. 38/37/2016- P86PW(A) dated 06.07.2017 vide which it has been instructed Ministry of Personnel, P.G. and Pensions Department of Pension 86 Pensioners’ Welfare that the pension of pre-2016 pensioners / family pensioners may be revised w.e.f. 01.01.2016 in accordance with the instructions contained in their Department’s OM of even no dated 12.05.2017 and using the concordance tables enclosed in their letter dated 06.07.2017.
2.All PCsDA/CsDA are requested to take necessary action by using the concordance table which is available on the website of Deptt. Of P&PW (
Jt.CGDA (Pen.) has seen.
Krishnan Kumar



Government Of India
Ministry Of Finance
Department Of Expenditure Central Pension Accounting Office
Trikoot-Ii, Bhikaji Cama Place
New Delhi-110066
CPAO/IT&Tech/Revision(7th CPC)/19.Vol-III/2017-18/68
Dated : 14.07.2017
Office Memorandum
Subject:- The Central Government’s decision on recommendations of the 7th CPC on allowance payment to Pensioners: revised Fixed Medical Allowance and Constant Attendance Allowance on 100% disablement regarding.
Attention is invited to Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure Resolution No.11-1/2016-IC dated 6th July, 2017 on the above subject whereby it has been decided to revise the existing rates of following allowances for Pensioners:
Name of the Allowance
Existing Rates
Revised Rates
Fixed Medical Allowance
Constant Attendance Allowance on 100% disablement
 These revised rates are payable w.e.f. 01.07.2017.
In view of the above, Heads of CPPCs/Government Business Departments of all the banks are requested to arrange to credit the pensions/family pensions to the bank accounts from the month of July, 2017 onwards, for the respective pensioners who are already being paid above allowances, with the revised rates without waiting for any specific/separate authority from CPAO for such Pensioners.
This issues with the approval of the competent authority.
(Subhash Chandra)
(Controller of Accounts)

(Source : Govtempdiary blog)


New drill pattern recommended by the Babus in the 7th CPC 

Fortunately not accepted by Chiefs 

Corrected by anomaly committee after persistent persuasion by Raksha Mantri.

(For fun only) 

Double click    VID-20170718-WA0003.mp4   to view the video

(Source- Via Gp email from Mahesh Khorana)

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Dear All

Interviews for the posts of  Immigration Asst and Immigration Support Staff  in Bureau of Immigration will be held w.e.f 24 July 2017 

Place: No.4-5-368 to 373, 
Beside Kendriya Sadan, 
Sultan Bazar,
Koti, Hyderabad

List of the people shortlisted for interviews is attached. Please check your name in the list.

Bureau of Immigration have intimated that they have sent call letters to your  address. One set of call letters have also been received by Director, Sainik Welfare. In case you have not received the call letter, please collect a copy from the following address:

Smt Kalpana, Employment Section
Office of Director, Sainik Welfare, 
Sainik Aramghar Complex, 
Ratnadeep Super Market, 
Near Yashoda Hospital, 

Please find attached  set of Instructions also.

The same information has been uploaded on the DGR Website on the Flash News for the information of all Ex Servicemen.

For any other information, you may call on 011-26174616 or email on

Thanks and Regards,

Col.P.Ramesh Kumar (Retd)
Director, Sainik Welfare


Friday, July 14, 2017

Govt to come out with fresh norms of disability pensions for armed forces

New Delhi: Jul, 02 2017 13:29:50 IST
 The government has decided to remove existing "anomalies" and come out with a specific percentage-based system for granting disability pensions to Army, Navy and Air Force personnel sustaining injuries in the line of duty.
The decision has been taken in view of the long-standing demand of the armed forces that the current system of determining disability pension needs an overhaul.
Official sources said the government has finalised a new slab-based system which is aimed at addressing most of the concerns of the armed forces that is expected to reduce litigation against the government.
Under the existing mechanism, 30 percent of the last salary minus the dearness allowance is given as disability pension to those sustaining 100 percent disability.
The pension amount reduces depending on specific percentage of the injury and sources said the affected personnel often take legal recourse, alleging discrepancies in determining quantum of injury.
As per the new slab-based system, security personnel with 20-50 percent disability will be considered 50 percent disabled while those with 50-75 per cent bracket will come under the 75 per cent disabled category.
Any personnel with more than 75 per cent disability will be considered 100 per cent disabled.
So all the eligible disability pensioners will be considered under three broad categories and accordingly pensions will be determined.
"It will be a robust system and will address long-pending grievances of the armed forces," a senior official said.
Explaining the new system, he said, "Any person with 50 percent disability will get half of the total pension being given to a person with 100 percent disability under existing mechanism."
The government had started giving disability pension with effect from 1 January, 2006 to those who had taken pre-mature retirement due to injuries sustained in line of duty.
The changes being introduced to calculate disability pension are based on recommendation of a committee headed by former Adjutant General of the Army, Lt Gen (retd) Mukesh Sabharwal.

The mandate of the committee was to suggest remedial measures to reduce litigations and disputes in various courts relating to disability pension. (PTI)
(Source- First Post)